Hey there. Welcome to my personal blog.

My name is Shiara and I am a South African blogger as well as the author and creator of Purple Sunflowers. When I am not being a full time student, you could find me being your typical girly girl. I love to shop. Love, Love, Love to shop – clothes, shoes, makeup, books and basically anything that peaks my interest.

This blog will mainly showcase all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Let’s get a bit personal:

I reside in Amanzimtoti which is on the south coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal.  I am currently pursuing a degree in chemical engineering at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. I’m your typical series junkie and a self proclaimed tea addict.  I am slightly obsessed with the world of superheros and have come to the conclusion that I can never choose between Marvel and DC because Marvel is Marvel but DC has Batman and The Flash. You see what I mean?

My aim  for this blog:

I believe that beauty, fundamentally, is and will always be an inner aspect of our lives that we groom as we mature and is reflected in our words, actions and passions but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t put a little extra effort in her appearance for herself, right?

Maybe you’d like to wear a red lip everyday,  stilettos tomorrow or just go shopping in pjs and a bare face – do what makes you happy without the opinions of others ringing at the back of your head.

I’d love for you to share your ideas and thoughts with me so that we can build a little community of sisters sharing beauty secrets.

I hope this blog becomes one of your favourite pleasure time reads.

Oh and purple sunflowers do exist – very rare but they do – I hope to get my hands on them one day.