Urban Contour

I’m baaaaack! I know, I know, it’s been too long. I’ve just been busy procrastinating here and there 😂

If you follow me on Instagram then you’d know all about the good news – I am currently an affiliate blogger of Go Beauty. What is Go Beauty? And what will I be doing?

Go beauty is a convenient online space that has the listings of various salons and spas throughout South Africa. I will be visiting some of the listings, in Durban, and reporting back to you right here on the blog.

My first visit was to Urban Contour in Hillcrest. After much deliberation between trying out Lash extensions for the first time or a set of gel nails I made an appointment for the safer option – gel nails.

Urban Contour is a cute boutique salon in the heart of Hillcrest. Boutique salons are my favourite due to the great pricing of treatments and individual attention that one receives. Oh, and they have great decor!!

Upon my arrival I was greeted by the owner, Lizaan, and immediately regretted not trying out the lashes. Her extensions looked so natural yet full and fluffy. I have never seen such natural looking extensions so if I decide to take the plunge I will definitely be heading back to Urban Contour.

I had initially decided on a design before arriving (as we all do) but I gave Lizaan free rein to do whatever she fancies as long as it was something pinky/nude. The result was definitely Instagram worthy.

The actual treatment was very gentle and pretty smooth sailing. I normally experience bleeding cuticles and a burning sensation whilst getting my nails done but I was surprised just how pain free the whole process was.

It has now been 3 weeks and I haven’t experienced any chips or dulling of the nails. I do have quick nail growth and probably need a fill round about now but other than that I’m still loving the condition they’re in.

The gel nails would have cost me R170. Shocking right? Their pricing is definitely consumer friendly:

They also stock some of the Hey Gorgeous gift sets:

This boutique salon specializes in nails and lashes. Liz loves being challenged with funky art whilst Hannah is amazing with finer details in the nail department. Brightness is their Pedi Queen and they also have an in-house brow master.

Urban Contour strives to make their clients feel relaxed and at home. I left feeling pampered and in awe of my nails.

You can check them out on http://www.gobeauty.co.za or pop them a whatsapp on 060 800 6551

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