Review – Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation 

Believe it or not – I have never tried a Maybelline foundation! I prefer and love high end foundations because I think it’s worth spending an extra buck on making your base look flawless. That being said, the Maybelline Fit Me foundation has been raved about by famous YouTubers for years now and it has FINALLY arrived to the shores of South Africa. FINALLY. 

I put this foundation to the test over a 2 day period. It was applied at 7am and taken off at 11pm on both days. I ate, ran errands and even napped. Don’t be like me and sleep in your makeup guys!!! I applied the foundation on the first day with a brush and with my Cala beauty sponge on the second day. My Maybelline pore eraser primer was used on both days. 

Let’s get straight into what you’re here for… 


Maybelline Fit me! Matte + Poreless from Maybelline New York goes beyond skin tone matching to fit the unique texture issues of normal to oily skin for the ultimate natural skin fit. While some foundations can exaggerate pores and oily skin, only Maybelline’s pore-minimizing foundation contains their genius blurring micro-powders that erase pores and absorb oil for a naturally matte and poreless-looking finish.Dermatologist and allergy tested. Does not clog pores. Oil-free.

In a nut shell, I expected this foundation to last with a minimum amount of touch ups and to inhibit the visibility of pores around my cheeks and nose. 


I was quite surprised with the coverage of this foundation. I have a bit of acne scarring on my cheeks and can never find a “drugstore” foundation that covers these irritating spots however this foundation did just that. Overall I’d say it’s a medium coverage foundation but you can definitely get a full coverage look with a little extra applied to where you need it. I preferred the coverage with my flat top kabuki brush from Swiitch Beauty over my Cala beauty sponge. 


The foundation dries down to more of a semi matte finish which I love. If your skin is on the dry side then you might find it sticking to some dry patches. On initial application, I did find it clinging between my brows however that did dissappear after setting my face with Mac fix plus. 

I loved the feeling of this foundation on my skin. It is extremely lightweight and I honestly felt like I was not wearing any makeup throughout the day. You definitely don’t look as if you’re wearing a ton of makeup and trust me, I was. I had a full cream contour and blinding highlight going on. I did touch up with a bit of powder after the 5 hour mark but I never really felt oily throughout the day. 

The foundation did last till 11pm and did not diminish in coverage. It did sink into my smile lines towards the end of the day but that is something I experience with every foundation. 


This foundation comes in a little tube which I’m on the fence about. I prefer a pump or applicator but it’s not a train smash. Brace yourselves for it to get quite messy.  I already have fingerprints and foundation stains on it. 

Final thoughts:

I’m quite inlove with this foundation at the moment for every day use. I will, however, still reach for a high end foundation on special occasions because that’s just me. The product definitely left my skin looking quite poreless throughout the day thus living up to its expectation. I did purchase a colour that is a little dark and will be off to dischem to get another shade because this range is so well worth it. It retails at Clicks for R99 and at Dischem for R92,50 which I think is an absolute steal. 

I actually have no complaints against the foundation besides the packaging. I do think they could have done with a little more variety in shades for my deep skin toned ladies as there are only 14 out of the 40 shades available in South Africa 

Are you going to be purchasing this foundation? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

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