Updated Essence Range Summer 2017

Hey beauties! I finally got down to curating this post during the midst of final exam season.  It takes quite some time editing images etc but I know you love reading what’s HOT and NEW so I had to try and get this post up.

There’s quite a few items I’m excited about in this range namely the metal shock eyeshadows and the gorgeous holographic highlighter! Let me know what you’re excited to try out in the comments below.

Note that all product descriptions are part of the press release from Essence Cosmetics.  I have not tried any of these products yet.


 Metal shock eyeshadow R79,95

The creamy, highly pigmented eyeshadows light up the eyes with a fascinating metallic look. Colours with glitter particles are also available.

Metal art lip & eye liner R64,95

Strong metallic eyeliner styles – for especially cool eye art! And thanks to the fine brush applicator, lip contouring is super easy, too!

Moonlight eyes cream eyeshadow R64,95 

Four silky-creamy eyeshadows in soft, iridescent colours – easy to blend and the intensity can gradually be increased with a step-by-step application.

Superlast eyeliner R54,95 (Waterproof R59,95)

A texture with a high coverage and a special focus on long durability. With a hybrid of
silicon and flock applicator, the eyeliner can be applied with just one stroke.

Instant volume boost mascara smudge-proof and intense black R64,95

The intensive black mascara allows maximum lash volume thanks to the volume brush, which consists of innovative flower-shaped fibers. Application takes just ten seconds.

Instant volume boost mascara Smudge-proof and waterproof R64,95

Mega volume that lasts all day and is waterproof, too! Not a problem thanks to the waterproof version with the volume brush made of soft fibers. Maximum lashes in just ten seconds.

#lashes of the day super volume mascara R54,95

Perfectly curled lashes for a gorgeous look. Packaging with a fantastic, eye-catching design.

Brow marker R64,95

Cool eyebrow pen with a text marker look. Especially longlasting thanks to its tint effect, so it accentuates the brows accurately and intensively. Available in two shades suitable for blondes and brunettes.

Superlast 24h eye brow pomade pencil waterproof R44,95

Creamy, twistable eye brow pomade pencil to shape and emphasize the brows. With an
integrated sharpener and silicon brush.

Vibrant shock lash & brow gel mascara R59,95

Gel-mascara for colour lashes and brows with a metallic effect – absolutely stunning!

Correct to perfect cc powder palette R89,95

Colour correcting powder palette with a cream-to-powder texture, which helps to achieve a flawless, radiant and fresh complexion.

Correct to perfect cc concealer palette R79,95

The colour correcting concealer palette offers four different shades for all skin irregularities. The creamy texture neutralizes redness, refreshes or harmonizes the skin tone and covers dark circles under the eyes.

Correct to perfect cc multi-benefit pearls R89,95

The multi-functional pearls even out skin irregularities and ensure
a flawless skin tone.

Strobing & contouring palette R149,95

Ten creamy shades offer endless variation options for contouring or highlighting the face.

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Get picture ready contouring palette R89,95

Contouring trio! The three soft powder textures make contouring the facial features easier than ever! The light shade accentuates the high points of the face, the light brown shade adds definition and the dark brown shade creates shadows.

lips go wow! lip art palette R79,95

Three lip palettes with cream-to-powder textures and matt finishes for individual looks. The colours can be used individually, on top of lipstick or mixed.

Prismatic hololighter stick R79,95

Practical highlighter stick, which provides the cheeks with a holographic finish thanks to its light-reflecting pigments. How gorgeous does this look??

Fresh & fit awake primer R79,95

Used solo or applied underneath foundation, the light texture of the primer with light-reflecting pigments ensures a smoother, fresher complexion and extends the durability of make-up. With vitamins and cranberry water.

Fresh & fit awake make-up R109,95

Enriched with a vitamin complex and cranberry water, the foundation “wakes up” the skin and gives it a healthy look. The delicate light reflecting pigments ensure a smooth complexion with a fresh touch (30 ml). PS: I was pretty disappointed with this shade range but a little birdy told me that darker shades are on their way.

Brushed metals nail polish R44,95

Nails in a brushed metal look with a satin, matte or sand effect. Available
in lots of wow-colours.

Metal shock nail powder R64,95

For a breathtaking mirror effect on the nails: apply the nail powder while the nail polish underneath is still slightly wet and lightly polish into the nails. Create cool effects with dark nail polishes. For an ultimate mirror shine look in silver, use transparent nail polish as the base. Seal with the metal shock sealing top coat.

Cracked metal top coat R44,95
Applied on top of nail polish, the metallic top coat cracks within 30 seconds and leaves behind an amazing cracked gold look.

Metal shock sealing top coat R64,95
A gentle, water-based top coat – a must for sealing the metal shock nail powder manicure. Can also be used with any other nail polish.

Holo rainbow nail polish R59,95
Five nail polishes with a holographic look and glitter particles let the nails shine in all facets of the rainbow.

Matt matt matt top coat R44,95
The special top coat gives any nail polish a matt finish.

Evershine top coat R54,95
This top coat extends and enhances the shine of nail polish – also suitable for
freshening up a manicure.

Glow in the dark top coat R44,95
The milky top coat texture turns transparent on the nails and lets them glow in the dark especially cool in combination with nail art.

Party in a bottle, fame in a bottle, rock in a bottle R44,95
Loose glitter particles turn the nails into a trendy accessory that’s suitable for any occasion – either as a complete manicure or on individual statement nails.

Express dry spray R54,95
Thanks to the innovative technology, you can now also apply the oil-free nail dry spray between coats of nail polish: starting from the base coat to the colour nail polish to the top coat.

Strong & clean nail polish remover R39,95
Two versions easily remove allkinds of nail styles: an acetone-free nail polish remover with pampering almond oil and an efficient formula as well as an “extra power” version
to remove stubborn glitter nail polishes and effects.

Clean & go express nail polish remover R54,95
The travel-sized nail polish remover with argan oil is ideal when you’re on the go: thanks to the integrated sponge, there’s no need for cotton pads.

3-phase nail care shake R49,95
The 3-phase oil enriched with goji berry extract, kukui oil and coconut oil provides
moisture, strengthens the nails and leaves behind a beautiful shine.

Metal shock lip paint R69,95
Metallic lips are all the rage right now. The fascinating look is easy to achieve with this concentrated lip cream, which feels light on the lips and offers a velvety-matt finish.

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Metal shock lipstick R64,95
The creamy lipsticks let the lips shine in intensive wow-colours with a metallic effect.

Vibrant shock lip paint R69,95
Cool colours like blue, pink and grey with velvety-matt results and a light, high-coverage, non-sticky texture turn the lips into an absolute statement.

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Kiss the … lipstick R44,95
The magical lipsticks react to the pH-value of the lips and change their colour from green, purple or blue to a unique soft pink shade.

BeFunky Design4-1ultra Last instant colour lipstick R49,95
The lipstick range unites high-coverage and colour-dispersion with just one
application and a feathery, light feeling on the lips. The creamy texture is longlasting
and won’t dry out the lips.

BeFunky Design4Butter Stick matt love R54,95
The butter sticks with cocoa butter and a softly melting texture create velvety-matt lips.

Butter stick glossy love R54,95
The softly melting texture with cocoa butter creates glossy lips with a wet-look finish – each application adds intensity.

Soft contouring lipliner R19,95
The highly pigmented, silky lipliner with velvety-matt results are ideal for contouring the lips.

Super sili make-up pad R64,95
Silicon sponge for the perfect application of liquid textures – without wasting any formula as the silicon pad won’t absorb the make-up.

2in1 colour correcting & contouring brush R59,95
The two different brush ends allow smooth correction: the short bristles can be used to apply concealer textures evenly and the longer bristles are ideal for contouring the face.

Super beauty sponge R64,95
Thanks to its innovative shape, the sponge is ideal for the application of powder, foundation, primer, blushand cream – even in those hard-to reach areas.

Keep a look out for a post on the updated Catrice range coming soon or subscribe to my blog to get notified when it goes live.

Till next time, Shiara






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