Bubble Mask

It’s all about the BUBBLES today, beauties.

I’ve been seeing this mask everywhere recently and had to experience what all the fuss was about. I genuinely LOVE all masks from the Skin Republic but this one in particular just seemed a whole lot more fun than the stereotypical sheet mask.

Last month I posted the first part of my new skincare series where I showed you how I get a full 5 Step Spa Facial at home that will save you plenty of cash. This is a continuation of that series however I’m switching up the focal mask in this post. You can read about the DIY Spa Facial here.

So the bubble mask is made from activated charcoal which I’m sure is a term you’ve heard of by now. Activated charcoal/carbon is a form of processed carbon that has low volume pores to increase the surface area of adsorption. In other words, activated charcoal should draw out impurities from the skin and leave you with a smooth youthful canvas.

The Claims: when exposed to air, the oxygenating mask begins to bubble and foam diving deep into the skins pores eliminating impurities. Fruit acids exfoliate dead cells for a bright, youthful and luminous complexion.

 Directions: Cleanse skin, remove mask from packaging, unfold and place on face, wear for 15-20 minutes, the mask will begin to bubble and foam. Remove mask and massage excess bubble and foam into skin. Rinse off with water.

IMPORTANT: Rub sachet before opening for few seconds to activate bubbles.

My Experience:  I think I’ve found my new go-to rescue mask. The results were noticeable after a couple hours of use but get a good night’s sleep and you’ll be in awe of your skin the next morning.

I noticed a reduction in pores on my cheeks as well as a lighter appearance of some stubborn dark spots thanks to the Apple Fruit extract. It’s been about a week now and I’m still not over how absolutely smooth my skin feels. I’ve also received quite a few compliments and questions on my skin this past week and I gave all credit to this Bubble mask.

 I thoroughly enjoyed the fun factor of the mask as well. You can hear and feel the bubbles forming and foaming against your skin. I also felt a gentle tug and tightening of my skin a couple times which I assumed meant that the mask was working its magic.

The bubble mask will only set you back R47,99 at selected Dischem, Clicks and Edgars stores. I believe you can also order them online on Zando and Takealot.com

Have you tried this mask out yet? 

Let me know your experience in the comments. 

Till next time, Shiara.

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