Review LA Girl Primer & Setting Powder

Hey beauties!

LA Girl has to be one of my favourite ‘drugstore’ brands. Yips, I fluently use that term now- blame it on my obsession with YouTube beauty gurus. They offer quality products at ridiculously low prices and you know I’m all about getting your monies worth.

Unfortunately, these much hyped about products were a bit of a miss for me.  Don’t get me wrong, they are great products and might work out for you but I just think that there are similar items out there, around the same price point, that do a much better job.

Lets get started …

LA Girl PRO Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer (R79,99)

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I’m always searching for a dupe to replace my Smashbox Photofinish Primer because it’s hella expensive to be wearing everyday. Not that I wear makeup everyday but you know what I mean, right???

So the LA Girl Primer contains 15ml of product and is packaged in a white squeezy tube with an appearance that follows suit of the full HD Range. The product is fragrance free and claims to fill in fine lines and pores.

I find that the primer does have a very similar consistency and texture to that of the Smashbox Primer as they both are, after all, silica based however the problem comes in when it’s time for it to fulfill it’s claims.

My makeup didn’t last longer than usual nor did it completely fill my pores and boy, do I HATE pores. It does, however, leave the face with a smooth canvas to apply your foundation and what not but I still SEE those pores!!!  If you have quite good, smooth skin then I would definitely persuade you to get down to dischem and purchase this product right now because it’s just a mere R79,99 ???

If you’re a pore freak like me and looking for a budget friendly primer then the Maybelline Instant Pore Eraser is your best bet.  It retails for around R89,99 and is my go-to everyday primer.

LA Girl PRO Translucent Powder HD Setting Powder (R59,95)

I’m an avid user of the baking technique.  I feel that it just gives your face, especially your under eyes, a flawless and smooth finish.  I was pretty excited to try this particular loose powder as it has been one of the most talked about products from LA Girl in recent years.

This silica based powder contains 5g of product and also boasts the appearance of the HD range.

I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in this product due to the stark white colour left on my face.  I didn’t expect a translucent powder to leave such white patchiness.  I tried lightly setting my face with the powder as well but that proved to bring about the same white patchiness.  This product, however, is finely milled and leaves your skin feeling extra smooth therefore I believe it probably does work on skin tones lighter than mine.

This is my first ‘negative review’ as such on the blog. I prefer sharing and talking about products that I love but if I can save you an extra buck or two then why not?

I did a review on the LA Girl Long Wear Illuminating Foundation  as well which you can give a look through in your spare time.

Have you tried any LA Girl Products? Let me know in the comments about your experience with them.

Till next time, Shiara.

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