Student Travel

A student’s life is a struggle.  Besides the assignments and strikes, we’re constantly dealing with being broke in a generation that desires to explore the hidden treasures of the world.

I’m a fourth year chemical engineering student who’s fortunate to still have the comforts of home, however, I’m aware that not everyone has campus life as easy as me.

I recently stumbled upon TravelStart’s Student Flights Promotion page which is a must read for the student on a budget. That’s basically all of us, right??  I expected to find great deals on domestic flights within South Africa but you could even explore Egypt, Hungary, Europe and China on your meager stash of cash.

They say the best time to travel is when you’re young and TravelStart is definitely making that happen by providing us, students, with some useful tips and tricks which you can read all about here.  I was totally unaware that there are apps, such as Vibe and Flapp, that we can take advantage of for flight discounts. Airlines also have student discounts so it is vital to have your valid student card in your back pocket at all times.

A really handy and easy to use tool can be found on the TravelStart page for you to check fight availability and pricing within seconds.  I gave it a try with a hypothetical situation and was astounded with my flight price: R559.

TravelStart is an official approved beneficiary at the 4 main banks in South Africa. What does that mean for us, students? We can simply purchase flights and holiday packages with a cash deposit or debit card ie. no credit card needed.

The best time to travel, the cheapest destinations and even tips for moving into campus residence can be found on a quick browse through the TravelStart page. 

I definitely know who I’m booking my next holiday with. Thank you Travelstart for keeping the needs of us, students, in mind.


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