Colour Correcting: Work it Wednesday

It’s impossible to wake up flawless unless you’re beyonce’.  Colour correcting is just that – it corrects the unwanted colours on the face for a more even complexion. The key is to identify the following:

  1. Where you need to correct? Under-eye, nose, mouth?
  2. What do you need to correct? Dark shadows, redness, scars?
  3. What shades do you need ?

The chart below indicates the colours needed to correct a certain problem.


I prefer colour correcting after priming and before applying foundation as it just blends in better.  It’s very easy to get carried away with this technique but less is always more – avoid the cake face at all costs.

My picks:

LA Girl Pro Conceal HD

These concealers are my favourite as they are quite thick and pigmented so a little goes a long way.  I love their other shades as well for contouring so definitely pick these up at your nearest Dischem.


Stila Correct & Perfect All-in-one Colour Correcting Palette


This palette has every shade you’ll ever need and features 5 creams and 2 powders.  The yellow and purple toned powders are perfect for any further correcting/brightening after you have set your foundation. You can shop Stila at selected Edgars and Woolworths stores.

If you want blemish free skin then definitely start playing around with some colours.

I hope you liked this weeks short Work it Wednesday. What are your thoughts and suggestions? Leave me a little comment.


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