A lazy girls guide to morning makeup

I’m lazy. You’re lazy. We’re all lazy!! Right? Despite my growing detest for mornings I still try to look my best before stepping out the door.

Foundation vs BB/CC Cream

Applying a base is undoubtedly the longest part of a morning routine. A CC/BB cream acts as a moisturizer, primer and foundation.  However, the BB/CC cream is not for you if you are in need of something full/medium coverage. Your foundation/BB cream can double as your concealer if your under eye area is really bugging you. Don’t forget to set with your favourite powder.

Apply bronzer strategically 

A bronzer or a powder that is darker than your skin tone can be used to add some depth to your face.  Use and angled or blush brush to work the powder into the hollows of your cheeks, temples and jaw line.

Quick Smokey eye

Apply and blend your darkest brown shadow on the lid. Boom. You have your morning smokey eye. Add mascara and a highlight to the inner corner of your eyes. Grab your favourite nude lippie and you’re ready.

Bold lip

If you aren’t into smokey eyes then go for a beautiful red or purple on the lips.  Don’t forget to add some mascara to the eyes.


Give the tops of your cheek bones an instant glow and you’re ready to take on the world.


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