Top 8 beauty trends of 2017


Guest blogger Shiara Ackloo of the Purple Sunflowers blog shares her top 8 beauty trends of 2017.

shia Words and pictures by Shiara Ackloo

1: Balayage hair

Made with Square InstaPic‘Balayage’ is a French word meaning to sweep or paint and allows for a sun-kissed looking hair colour . The Balayage hair technique is a more natural take on the ombre’. You could go with a blonde/grey combination or a beautiful chocolate/copper look.  I definitely recommend chopping some layers to highlight the effect.

2: Pastel eyes

Made with Square InstaPicThese tones provide a beautiful and calming contrast to the infamous smokey eye and winged liner. A sweep of pastel pink/blue on the lid is all you need to achieve this look.  You could also incorporate the pastel tones into your liner for a subtle take on this trend.

3: Deep side path

Made with Square InstaPicA side path is flattering on everyone and immediately gives more volume to your hair.The…

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