Work it Wednesday: Ombre’ lips

Ombre’ refers to the shading of one colour into another. I, personally, am not a huge fan of the technique as it can get tacky pretty quickly when done on hair. However, it has become my go to look for the lips.

This technique can be referred to as “contouring” for your lips. The use of colours creates the illusion of fuller lips and just gives a little more depth to your look.

The picture below is pretty self-explanatory and easy to follow.


A lipliner is preferred for the outer/darker colour but a lipstick could also do the job. And remember… blending is key!!! Always.

I love a bold red lip. But I love a bold ombre red lip even more.


To create the look above I use A couple of self discovered mac dupes because I ain’t paying R240 for a lipliner, girl 😁

LA Girl Lipliner ‘Forever Red’
LA Girl Lipliner ‘Deepest Purple’ or Mac ‘Night Moth’
Mac Matte Lipstick ‘Ruby Woo’

*Shop LA Girl at your nearest Dischem store. LA Girl lipliners retail for R18, 95.

2016-12-20 01.40.09 1.jpg
Left to right: Forever Red, Deepest Purple and Ruby Woo

I lightly line the lips with the red and then create darkness with the purple before going in with Ruby Woo. Thereafter, I blend in more of the purple lipliner depending on how dramatic I’m feeling 😂

I use this technique even for your everyday nude look by pairing a brownish lipliner with a pinky lipstick.

NYX lipliner ‘Brown’, Essence lipliner ‘Soft Berry’ and Mac lipliner ‘Spice’ are extremely versatile when creating neutral looks. I pair them with almost every pinky/brown lipstick in my collection whether it be a matte, gloss or satin finish.

You could also be a bit more adventurous with this technique:

I know it can look a little daunting at first but ombre lips are a simple way to make your looks more polished and professional. So, Go!! Get practising 😁

What would you like to see next on Work it Wednesday?? 😁

Shiara ♥

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