Get the look: Matte Lips

In my previous post I reviewed the Inglot HD lip tint matte which retails for R499.  My aim for this post is to provide you with cheaper options that still result in a beautiful matte lip.

Mac Retro Matte Liquid Colour – R330,00

mac liquid matte full range
Photo credit: Mac

This collection is available in 15 shades and has a liquid suade finish. I picked up the shade second from the left in the image above (Ladybegood) which is a pretty nude colour.  I have not given all the shades a try so my opinion is ,unfortunately, based on my single purchase. These liquid lipsticks are definitely not one of my favourites as they are extremely drying and tend to shrivel up your lips. However I love the diamond shaped applicator – the pointed end allows for a better application.  They’re not terrible but neither do they live to the Mac hype.

Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick – R285,00

stila circle all
Photo credit: Stila

The Stila liquid lipsticks are one of my all time favorites.  Unfortunately, they are only available in 5 shades at selected Woolworths and Edgars stores. You can shop the other shades online here.  These are the most comfortable yet highly pigmented liquid lipsticks I have ever tried and they last the entire day without any bleeding or transfer.

Mac Matte Lipstick – R220

We all know and love the Mac lipstick range.

Revlon Ultra HD Velvet Matte Lipcolour

Photo credit: Revlon SA

Edgars/Red Square – R165

Clicks – R155

Dischem – R150

These come in 6 very wearable shades and have a sweetish scent. However, these are not the most mattifying lipsticks as they do have a sheen to them. If you’re looking  for something lightweight then these are your best bet due to their gel formulation.

Maybelline Vivid Matte – R99,99

vivid matte
Photo credit: Maybelline SA

These come in 10 shades ranging from bright purple to red to pinky/brown nudes. The Vivid mattes are similar to Revlon Velvet matte as they both do not dry completely matte however the Vivid matte does leave a stain on the lips. I picked up two shades namely Nude Flush and Pink Charge. Surprisingly, the formula of both were quite different.  The Pink Charge was slightly patchy so maybe give these a swatch or a try on before purchasing. I also felt like these gave my lips a bit of a numb/tingly feeling. You know what I mean? This sensation does wear off though.

Bourjois Rogue Edition Velvets – R159,95

Photo credit: Bourjois UK

There is major hype surrounding these velvet lipsticks but sadly, I’ve never been able to get my hands on them.  They claim to be superlight weight and comfortable for 24hrs whilst still leaving your lips feeling moisturized.  If you own any of these, please leave a little review of them in the comment section. Do they live up to the hype? You can shop Bourjois at selected Clicks stores.

Palladio Velvet Lipsticks – R109,95

palladio lipstick full


I’m sure majority of us wouldn’t readily buy from the Palladio section mainly because they aren’t as popular as other major cosmetic brands out there but these velvet matte creams are amazing.  They are highly pigmented, last throughout the day and have a comfortable wear without being drying.  You can shop Palladio at Dischem.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – R109,95

nyx lip matte creme all

These are literally my go to products to get a matte lip. They are great for day or a night out and can be completely transformed if paired with a lipliner.  They come in a wide range of colours but are always sold out so if you happen to spot them, BUY them!!! They’re not the most pigmented matte lipsticks so you may have to reapply throughout the day.  I believe that the NYX liquid suade (another matte creme) is now in stores so if you have tried those, let me know your experience with them in the comments below.  You can shop NYX at Clicks.


A lipliner is the easiest way to achieve a matte lip.  My favourite lipliners to use all over the lips are the NYX lip pencils, NYX retractable lipliners as well as the Essence lip pencils. These are the most creamiest yet pigmented lipliners I have ever used.

NYX Retractable Lipliner – R74,95 ( I love the colour nude)

NYX Lip Pencil – R 109,95

Essence Lipliners – R19,95 (Just get them all – You can thank me later 😉 )


Smashbox Insta Matte Lipstick Transformer – R290,00

smashbox insta matte
Smashbox SA

The name says it all.  This product allows you achieve a matte look with any lipstick you own. Simply apply your favourite lipstick then dot this over the lips and wait a few seconds for the magic to happen.  I do not own this product but have given it a try in stores and it definitely is magic.

Every cosmetic company is introducing a matte lip product of some sort so if you have a fav that is not mentioned, do comment it below. I’d love to try it out 🙂



4 thoughts on “Get the look: Matte Lips

  1. I’m not a make-up expert at all, but I do love me a good lipstick 🙂 The best mattes I’ve discovered are the LA Girl and Wet & Wild products. LA Girl is a stay-all-day type but not the best shades, around R70(?) a pop. Wet & Wild literally feels like normal lipstick, non-drying but doesn’t last if you’re eating/drinking, around R40 🙂 Yep, I am a bargain-hunter XD


  2. At our clicks in Pongola we don’t have Tastes 4 Super Stay Matte Ink you just have to guess if it will look good on you & buy cause we love it.


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