June Favourites

June, of course, was a month filled with the usual stresses that come around every exam season. I don’t know about you, but every exam season I completely throw my skincare routine out the window – a decision I regret every time!!!

So this June has been a month of minimal make-up but I still  picked up a couple items I’ve had my eye on for a while:

Chapped lips can be quite troublesome especially now that winter is creeping in on us.  Exfoliating your lips is always the best solution but never underestimate the power of an amazing lip balm.  I spotted the Dexe lipbalm (which I purchased in mint) at my local Dischem. This balm is physically quite different as it is ball shaped but makes your lips feel like a dream especially under your favourite matte lipstick.

Is there anything not to love about the Body Shops’ Body Butters??? I think they’re essential, especially during winter. Recently, I picked up the new body butter in British Rose which smells like heaven but I also love the Fuji Green Tea. Shop the Body Shop here or get down to their nearest store as their current sale ends 17th July.





Very rarely do I change my foundation but due to the hype I tried out the the L’oreal Pro Matte 24HR foundation which became my go to product before leaving the house – a medium coverage foundation that is completely matte and looks like skin.  I found that the foundation does oxidize but nothing too major that will prevent me from repurchasing this every few months.

For quite some time I’ve been searching for a cheaper alternative to the Smashbox Photofinish primer to no avail until I spotted the L’oreal Mattifying Primer.  I refuse to apply makeup without a primer so stumbling upon this made my day. This gel based product produces the same finish as that of the Smashbox primer but at half the price. Yayyy!!!

Catrice All Round Concealer Palette has been a life saver.The pinkish/red concealer is a perfect tone to counteract those dark circles that occur during exam season. I haven’t tried out the green yet but the lighter shades work well for me as I do have more of a yellow undertone to my skin however I don’t think this palette would work well for people of a darker skin tone.You can shop Catrice Cosmetics at your local Dischem.

Photocredit: Catrice Cosmetics


I’m not one that loves shimmer especially in my blushes so I was pretty exstatic when I noticed the Essence Matte Touch blushes which has no shimmer at all!! I picked up the shade Berry me up which I think is great for everyday use on any skin tone. Oh and a little goes a really long way.  You can shop Essense at Clicks and Dischem

My next post, which I hope to have up in a couple days, will be my review on the full range of the recently launched Inglot Matte lipsticks so watch this space.



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